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300w Horizontal Wind Turbine

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1.Low start up speed, 3 or 5 blades optional for different wind speed areas,high wind energy utilization

2.Easy installation, tube or flange connection optional
3.Blades using new art of precision injection molding,matched with optimized aerodynamic shape and structure which enhance the wind energy utilization and annual output.
4.Body of casting aluminum alloy, with 2 bearings swivel , making it survive stronger wind and run more safely
5.Patented permanent magnet ac generator with special stator,effectively reduce torque,well match the wind wheel and generator, and ensure the performance of whole system.
6.Controller,inverter can be matched accroding to customers’ specific needs

Model F-400M
Rated Power(w) 400w
Max Power(w) 600w
Rated Voltage(v) 12V/24V
Rated wind speed(m/s) 11.5m/s
Top net weight(kg) 11.2kg
Start-up wind speed 2.0m/s
Wind wheel diameter 1.55m
Survival wind speed 50m/s
generator 3 phase permanent magnet synchronous generator         
Blades length 750mm
Service Life More Than 20 years
Bearing HRB or for your order
Blades material nylon
Shell Material aluminium alloy
Permanent Magnet Material Rare Earth NdFeB
Control system Electromagnet
Lubrication Lubrication Grease
Working temperature -40 to 80
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