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Address:Shuangxin Industral Park,Xuelang Town,Binhu District,Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province ,China
Mail box:hexiqing11@wxflyt.com
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Our mission statement
We are makers of the new products quickly.
We provide the means of validation for product designers;
We are manufacturer to provide standard basis.
We let the customer feel the perfect experience of design, help them to achievement its own value.
We will be more fully devoted to improve customer satisfaction efforts, to increase the additional value of the clients.
Our business philosophy
First, service paramountcy
Customer service quality is the life of the company, is also the fundamental on which each employee.
Do our best to make every customer satisfaction, so that each order done perfectly.
Second, the quality and efficient
Keep improving, create a high quality product exceed customer expectations.
Promote efficiency, continuously rapid response to customer requirements.
Three, the initiative innovation, brave in exploitation
Keep an open mind, innovative ideas, explore new methods, continue to go beyond.
Maintain professional dedication, teamwork, positive enterprising, become the industry pioneer.
Our values
Take the customer as the center, to enterprise development as a starting point, based on employee benefits, continuously improving the quality of customer service, to provide a broader space for development to enterprise staff, to achieve customer, enterprise, employees win-win-win situation.

Wuxi Flyt New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd address: Xianheyuan, Xuelang, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province service telephone: +8615261660256 +86-510-85188710 fax: +86-510-85188710 email:jodielxj@wxflyt.com

We are devoted to offer our customers high quality products and satisfying services.

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