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At the service scope:
1. Household appliances: color TV, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, audio, home theater, small rice cooker, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, fan, electric fans, water dispensers, coffee pot, soybean milk machine, steam iron, hair dryer,, repeater, radio, etc
2. Office equipment: notebook computer, PDA, scanner, printer, camera, computer multimedia audio and other computer peripheral products, etc
3. Communications equipment, cameras, telephones, fax machines, routers, radios, GPS, large communication equipment, etc
4. Toys gifts, electric toys, chain toys, brush wheel toys, plastic toys, plush toys movement, cartoon dolls, simulation figures, arts and crafts, etc
5. The simulation model, simulation model of car, car, robot, aviation, Marine, military model, etc
6. All kinds of jig and fixture design and production, POM, iron Christopher long, bakelite parts processing, and aluminium alloy, copper, iron, stainless steel products processing, all kinds of plastic metal gear processing
7. Building model, personal care, electronic products, medical equipment, sports equipment, industrial equipment, etc
8. Rapid tooling small batch production
9. Graduation design works, industrial exhibition samples and small batch products after mold processing

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